Travel to Munich – Viagem para Munique

And here I go again. This will be my first post in english! I want to be honest with myself so I’m not looking in google translator to write this post. Please don’t get mad with my english mistakes! hahaha

Today I’m going to Munich to compete at Munich Open – IBJJF. I also will be a referee in the tournament and I’m teaching, later today. This is the real life. I’m not traveling to stay in the best hotel or to enjoy some days. Most of my time I’m working hard. And this is the main point. How much you dedicate yourself to achieve your goals?

One thing that I notice in London is that every time you ask: “how are you?”, most of the people reply: “not so bad”. What kind of reply is that? Of course could be better, I could be rich, I could be living in California, I could be 3x blackbelt world champion.. People are use to be so negative. I don’t know if this is something cultural, but it’s something that make me think about how positive thoughts help my days to be better.

I don’t like to travel alone. I did this SO MANY times… But if I keep thinking about this, I will not enjoy the hole travel. And if I want to be a BLACKBELT WORLD CHAMPION I need to enjoy the process.

All those small things that you do in your day, things that you don’t like but you need to do, to move one step closer on your goal, on your dream.. BE POSITIVE about them. Bring a reason for doing this. Look in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself that you are proud of your dedication, proud of your work.

I’m proud of myself. I’m traveling again on my on, to work, to teach, to compete and to tell people how much I want this. To share my knowledge, to share my passion with everyone that cross my way, with a big smile in the face saying: Thanks God for one more opportunity.

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